About Us

Who we are

Ezra Magazine interviews people who create. We aim to delve into their minds to understand the processes of creativity, problem solving, mindsets and dealing with difficult decisions. Originally the magazine started out as an arts and culture magazine, and though we are still focused around creativity, interviewing is our sole purpose now.

This unique approach to interviewing creators has been a long time in the making for us. The idea has sort of always been there but we never really focused on it as the sole purpose of the magazine. However, in 2016 we went through a re-branding to focus on what really matters to us and we think it is a much better approach.

Currently this website is non-profit and always has been. The advertisements you see on the website are to keep this blog running so thank you for supporting us and please if you can, do not use an ad-blocker.

Our costs to run Ezra Magazine include the purchase of the domain, hosting and website management costs including themes. I have dedicated hundreds of hours due to the sheer enjoyment of running the blog. When you use this site, you agree to see both targeted and non-targeted advertisements.