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ALBUM REVIEW – Paradise Valley

You Love Who You Love It's been eleven years since his infamous "Your Body's A Wonderland" and now John Mayer has graced us with his new album 'Paradise Valley'. The album features eleven tracks, all varying i...
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REVIEW – The Fault In Our Stars

Without Pain, How Could We Know Joy? Reviewing a novel I have read and thoroughly enjoyed is like trying to recount the best moments in my life in under a paragraph. 'The Fault In Our Stars' by American author...
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TV SHOWS – Your All Time Top 10

In recent years television shows have risen to become just as important as film in terms of leading actor roles and the quality of scripts being delivered week after week. Shows explore stereotypes, everyday ...

EVENTS – Sunday Mail City-Bay Fun Run

In 2012, the Sunday Mail City Bay Fun Run celebrated its 40th year by smashing numbers with a record 39,003 participants. Runners, walkers and wheelers lined the Adelaide City, Federation Centre at Kurralta Park and SAJC to take part in Australia’s largest Fun Run per head of capita. Whilst we raised money for athletics in South Australia we were also able to raise over half a million for over 200 charities! Running and walking encourages the brain to produce endorphins and other neurochemicals that can ease pain and lift your mood.
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REVIEW – The Last Of Us

Bowing Out With Glory by Tanysha Bolger With the PS4 announced at E3 to be released later this year, the last dash to the end of a brilliant seven years of gaming sent game developers into haywire.  Originally...
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REVIEW – 5 Seconds of Summer

By Melina Scarfo...Sydney pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer drew a large crowd to the Adelaide UniBar on Thursday night for the fourth date of the ‘Pants Down Tour’. Since their formation in December 2011, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin have gained a massive following online, released their debut EP and toured with One Direction. Quite impressive for a band who started by uploading covers to YouTube.

REVIEWS – Simon’s Top Ten Documentaries

Craving Some Knowledge? A documentary uses the technique of film to tell a non-fiction story. Usually their purpose is to document a point in history or in modern times, is used to intertwine investigative jou...