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INTERVIEW – Second Storey Window

'Purply-Orange' Second Storey WindowBased in Sydney, Australia, Second Storey Window are a six-piece band that makes self-described 'purply-orange' music. It's indie, it's magical and their music has intrinsic ...
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Australian Music Archers are a five piece indie rock band from Adelaide, Australia. Already in their short time as a band they have shared stages with the likes of Alpine, Snakadaktal and Jinja Safari, impres...
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Setting The World Stage For France Words by Tanysha Bolger Mary Has A Gun is French band that blends the styles of pop and rock together to create music that is both catchy and energetic. In October 2010, the ...
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In life it is easy to look to popular culture to draw inspiration. In fact most do, however more often than not people whose actions are inspirational are not celebrated in mainstream media. The office girl who helps an old lady cross the road on her lunch break, the man who mows his elderly neighbours lawn, the anonymous donor, these are all people whose actions could inspire.
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MUSIC – Evolving Music Videos

"Ladies And Gentlemen, Rock And Roll" Those were the official words spoken by John Lack, just before "Video Killed The Radio Star" by Buggles was played on MTV, way back on August the 1st, at 12:01am in 1981. ...
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Home Is Where The Heart Is by Tanysha Bolger Touring for the last ten years and travelling all around the world, it is hard not to love the happy-go-lucky character Jay Hoad. With three albums to his name, the...
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MUSIC – Flashback Friday

2007. Oh What A Year It Was Composed by - MELINA SCARFO Can you believe that 2007 was six years ago? The first iPhone was announced, Britney Spears had a meltdown, and much to the fans delight (and dismay), t...

REVIEWS – Simon’s Top Ten Documentaries

Craving Some Knowledge? A documentary uses the technique of film to tell a non-fiction story. Usually their purpose is to document a point in history or in modern times, is used to intertwine investigative jou...

MUSIC – Saturday Playlist

Saturday Playlist Need some extra tunes to listen to on a Saturday afternoon? Sick of all the mainstream stuff for a while? Check these tunes out!