ADELAIDE FRINGE – The Removalists

the removalists

Presented by Max’s Masters, ‘The Removalists’ by David Williamson is a play that encompasses Australia’s dark side in the ’70’s. Starring Justin Rowe as Sargent Simmonds, Liam Vaughan as Constable Ross, Bethany McGrath as Kate Mason, Ainslie Stuchbery as Fiona Carter, Jordan Pawluk as Kenny Carter and Shannon Eisenblatter as The Removalist. 

From the Adelaide Fringe Website: The play covers the extreme issues of violence, explicitly domestic violence, and the abuse of power and authority. Both the innocent and the controlling are brought together to handle one situation in their own way. The town’s Police Sargent Simmonds has just been sent a new recruit, Ross. He is a quiet, work by the books, shy twenty year old Australian.

They are contacted by two young women who are sisters. Kate, the elder of the two who like Simmonds enjoys the power of control whereas Fiona is more of a follower and has unfortunately been brutally attacked by her husband Kenny. The two officers offer to help move Fiona out of her home, away from her husband while Kenny is down at the bar with ‘the boys’.

An unexpected moment occurs when Kenny decides he would rather be home then down at the pub. So when the two police officers come by, the state of affairs start to go into an uncontrolled condition showing each character’s inner self.

You can purchase tickets at this link here: www.adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/the-removalists/9bde7d76-5a68-43db-9439-d9e6680408ec