‘A Perfect Contradiction’ Review

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An Eclectic Ensemble


Paloma Faith is an eccentric artist with a bellowing voice who shines brightly in her album ‘A Perfect Contradiction‘. It is energetic, vibrant and also casual at times. The beats are easy listening but her lyrics are so full of passion they accompany them perfectly.

The stand-out song that completely utilises her voice is “Only Love Can Hurt Like This,” which was smartly released as a single. Faith powers through the end of the song and incorporates a lot of emotion into it, which is why the song is brilliant in its own right.

The beautiful violins and other accompaniments hit the song perfectly at every second. Faith also sings an ‘Off the Cuff’ version of “Only Love Can Hurt Like This” which is available to view here.

The album is a collection of retro-Jazz influenced Pop ballads, that really put forward a vision of a bright, energetic show where an audience is dancing and Faith is belting out her vocals.

Her style may be on the ‘fringe’ but Faith uses her quirkiness to her advantage, and it shines brightly through this album. Opening with “Can’t Rely On You”, the backup singers only add to the brilliance of her voice. “Other Woman”, “Taste My Own Tears” and “Love Only Leaves You Lonely” bring forward the sense of passion she has in her lyrics.

A Perfect Contradiction’ is a musical journey more so than an album comprised of individual songs.

The songs interrelate to each other quaintly and it allows for easy listening of the entirety. (Not featured on ‘A Perfect Contradiction’) Faith also covers INXS’ “Never Tear Us Apart” which is available to view below. Keep an eye out for this British singer, she has a killer voice and an eclectic style that she’s only going to harness further over time. 

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