ALBUM REVIEW – Paradise Valley


You Love Who You Love

It’s been eleven years since his infamous “Your Body’s A Wonderland” and now John Mayer has graced us with his new album ‘Paradise Valley’. The album features eleven tracks, all varying in different tempos and style.

Mayer has certainly matured over these last few years and it is definitely evident in the new album. With ‘Paradise Valley’, I expect that it won’t be getting a lot of mainstream radio play, and it will be left to the dedicated fans of Mayer to really appreciate its ingenuity within the music industry at the moment. This is not because it’s inherently awful, it’s completely the opposite, but I think Mayer has driven off the mainstream course and written his music in a way that will connect with the listener more.

Tracks like “You’re No One ‘Til Someone Lets You Down” and “I Will Be Found Lost At Sea” are flourishing with Mayer’s originality. It is evident that he has spent a lot of time writing and reworking the album to make it personal and a work of art from the soul. Even his duet with current girlfriend Katy Perry in “Who You Love” pleasantly carries the country vibe and originality he has created with ‘Paradise Valley’. 

Review: The world is John Mayer’s wonderland.
Rating: 4/5 Stars




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