ALBUM REVIEW – The Jungle Giants


‘Learn To Exist’

Reviewer: Melina Scarfo

The Jungle Giants have steadily been making their way up in the indie pop scene since 2011. These four Brisbane youngsters have put in the hard yards working towards their debut album ‘Learn To Exist’. They have released two EPs between endless touring and played at Splendour in the Grass this year. ‘Learn To Exist’ stays true to the band’s upbeat and youthful, guitar fuelled pop with a few surprises along the way.

Opening track “Come and Be Alone With Me” is everything you would expect from The Jungle Giants. It is bursting with playful guitar riffs, hand claps and clever lyrics, “It’s alright, it’s okay, I didn’t need my sanity anyway”provided by lead vocalist Sam Hales.“I Am What You Want Me To Be” delivers more feel good energy through repetitive, high pitched guitars which will make you dance around your room in delight. Hales keeps the infectious melodies coming on “Got Nothing To Lose” and a funky bass line makes an appearance.

“A Pair of Lovers”is a matured and darker track showing a serious side of the band. The mournful “Truth May Hurt” starts off with reverb heavy guitar and slowly builds up to a powerful chorus, “Well the truth may hurt but you need to let it out”. “Devils In The Detail” is raw and stripped backed, completely different from what we have heard so far. Hales sings along to an acoustic guitar but it doesn’t feel misplaced. The album returns to their danceable sound on “Skin To Bone” which is sure to be a crowd favourite with its jangly guitar riffs from lead guitarist Cesira Aitken.

Hales sings of his troubles with love on “Domesticated Man”, “This domesticated man lost his heart and then he lost his friends”. This track beautifully layers instrument upon instrument with the signature hand claps underneath. The album closes with “Home” which is driven by keys and steady drumming. Hales sorrowfully sings “I wanna come back home”, a fitting end for ‘Learn To Exist’.

The Jungles Giants have delivered a polished and sun kissed debut perfect for summer. They have refined their satisfying pop sound but also shown they are not afraid to stray away from it.

Rating: 4/5

You can catch The Jungles Giants on their Australian tour dates found here.