ARTICLE – BOLD. PROVOCATIVE. SBS 2 Pushes Boundaries for Younger Audiences

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SBS 2 – The Channel You’ve Been Waiting For

In the wide world of television, Australia is only just beginning to follow in the footsteps of the UK and America in terms of the variety of shows offered on our airwaves. With the already functioning cult culture of films and television shows around the world, Australia is often left in the dark for several months before these shows appear on television here. That’s why SBS 2 has re-branded their approach to deliver these shows directly to you from overseas.

SBS 2 will be a place to share a passion for emerging cultural ideas and experiences with diverse content that is edgy, adventurous and fun, and connects audiences with the world. The schedule will be packed with content that is a rich and innovative combination of adventurous documentaries, fresh comedy and drama, hit entertainment, quality sport and tailored news and current affairs. The channel will offer viewers free-to-air and Australian premiere content including the channel’s first commissioned program; dedicated sport programming and – in a first in Australian broadcasting SBS 2 will launch Back2Back where viewers get to watch the whole series of selected new programs via the SBS ON DEMAND service before they broadcast on the channel.

What are some shows that will be on SBS 2?


SBS 2 will show some top acquired drama series including, Threesome, Him & Her and Skins series seven.

Threesome is an outrageous ‘dramedy’ about three inseparable friends on the verge of thirty, who after a wild night out end up having an unplanned threesome which results in an even more unplanned pregnancy. Together they decide it’s time to ditch the party lifestyle and have the baby – as a threesome. Began airing Thursday 4th April, 8.30pm.

Him & Her is an anti-romantic comedy about Steve (Russell Tovey) and Becky (Sarah Solemani) – a young couple deeply in love, often in bed and rarely in employment. Began airing Thursday 4th April, 9pm.

BAFTA Award winning series Skins will return with an edgy new season as a fresh generation of four boys and four girls love each other, hate each other, screw each other, and get smashed together. SBS 2 will also show the seventh and final season of Skins later in the year which will see the return of first and second generation cast favourites Cassie, Effy, and Cook. Series five began airing Thursday 11th April, 9.30pm.


The Midnight BeastThe Midnight Beast. Already an online phenomenon with more than 45 million hits on YouTube, parody band The Midnight Beast bring their bonkers all-singing, all-dancing sixpart self-titled comedy series to SBS 2. The series features band members Stefan Abingdon, Dru Wakely and Ashley Horne as struggling musicians, trying to make it big in the music world. As well as slipping into wild music videos, the series sees the band having to cope with day-to-day challenges like sharing a dingy East London flat and trying to impress girls when they have no cash and one of them has to sleep in the kitchen. The series charts their failures and successes as they try to claw and hobble through a sea of bizarre obstacles and unsavoury characters toward pop stardom. Mondays 9.30pm. Our interview with the boys from TMB can be viewed here.

Bullet in the Face, a viciously funny, wildly violent, bloody and unabashedly politically incorrect action comedy series from Canada starring Eddie Izzard and Eric Roberts, will premiere on the channel. Starts Monday 1st April, 9.30pm.

7698_2-tvbig-benidormbastardsJoining Bullet in the Face on Mondays will be Emmy Award winning Belgian hidden camera comedy series Benidorm Bastards which stars seven senior citizens who roam the streets pulling absurd stunts on unsuspecting young people. Starts Monday 1st April, 8.30pm.

SBS 2 aims to turn cult into popular and brings Community to the channel for a dose of regular nightly comedy. Starring Chevy Chase and Donald Glover, Community follows a band of misfits who form a study group at Greendale Community College where together they end up learning more about themselves than they do about their coursework. Every weeknight from 1st April, 7pm.

4470_9-tvbig-russellRussell Howard is one of the UK’s most successful stand-up comedians and his show Russell Howard’s Good News will be a staple late night show on the channel. With his boy next door charm and seamless mix of irreverent pop culture chatter, cynicism and satire, he offers a hilarious and unique take on the news. Filmed in front of a live studio audience, Good News combines Russell’s stand-up routines with funny clips from the internet and quick-fire sketches, as he presents a brand new perspective on the big stories dominating news outlets across the world. Every week night from 1st April, late nights.

Documentaries and Factual

Charismatic host Diego Buñel has travelled extensively as a foreign correspondent, reporting from countries including Iraq, Afghanistan and the Congo. After years of travelling, covering news stories that only ever focussed on the negatives, Diego decided a change of focus was needed, and the idea for Don’t Tell My Mother was born. In this powerful, heartfelt documentary series, Diego travels to some of the world’s most troublesome places, looking beyond the headlines to reveal the rich cultures and the true interests of the people. Began airing Tuesday 2nd April, 8.30pm.

Be Your Own Boss is an inspiring entrepreneurship program where the charismatic and successful founder of UK brand ‘Innocent drinks’ Richard Reed looks to invest in three big ideas presented to him by aspiring young entrepreneurs. (Date TBC)

Warrior Road Trip is a cross-continental exploratory journey which introduces viewers to America through the eyes of warriors from the Maasai culture – Boni and Lemarti. These warriors, who rarely abandon their traditional clothes or spears, embark on acultural odyssey to experience the Western world while staying true to their tribal values. Began airing 2nd April, 9.30pm.

Insightful documentary series The Pitch takes cameras behind the closed doors of the world of advertising as two top American creative advertising agencies go head to head to win a real campaign from a major brand. Date TBC.

SBS 2 will also screen three provocative graffiti inspired documentary films. Graffiti Wars (Thursday 4th April, 9.30pm), questions whether graffiti is the work of mindless vandals or creative practitioners; Antics Roadshow (Monday 1st April, 7.30pm) – Banksy’s ‘incomplete guide to total anarchy’ taking a greatest hits approach to wayward behaviour, sedition and sabotage; and Exit Through the Gift Shop (Saturday 6th April, 9.30pm) the inside story of Street Art, and a brutal and revealing account of what happens when fame, money and vandalism collide.

Remember, if you’ve missed out on any of your favourite shows, you can re-watch them for a limited time after they have aired online here.