DESIGN FEATURED – Charli Cohen & Nicola Woods

Feeling Fit & Fabulous

UK based designers Charli Cohen and Nicola Woods are two women who both sought out their dreams and made them a reality.

Graduating in 2012 as Womenswear student of the year from Kingston University in London, Charli began designing her sportswear range with an almost futuristic twist. With backing from Invista, the producers of Lycra fibre, the young designer is now launching her own sportswear range. 

As well as her fashion degree, Charli Cohen is a qualified personal trainer, and uses her background in sports science to create ergonomic, high-performance sportswear that’s chic and smart at the same time. 

Nicola Woods, Founder and Creative Director of Beautiful Soul, turned to fashion a little later in life, whilst pondering under cherry blossom trees in Tokyo. Needing a career change from corporate insurance, Nicola realised that it was now or never to change not only her lifestyle but her entire life, including her career. 

Returning back to London from Tokyo, she trained at the London College of Fashion and in 2009, launched her luxury womenswwear label ‘Beautiful Soul’. In 2011 Nicola then launched a ready-to-wear collection in 2011. 

It’s exciting to see that both ranges incorporate a sense of originality and simplicity at the same time. Using base colours like the greys and yellows that Charli has used, they compliment each other nicely and present a very formalised sport range. Beautiful Soul London however is more about the simplistic colours with simple patterns, using material that flows around the wearer. 

You can view Charli Cohen’s and Nicola Woods’ range below.

Charli Cohen’s Range – www.charli-cohen.com

Nicola Woods’ Range – www.beautiful-soul.co.uk