EVENTS – The Swisse Color Run + Photographs

What better way to begin your Sunday morning with a multitude of colour and a 5km run. The Swisse Color Run began in America in 2012, and debuted in Austalia in November.

On Sunday the 19th of May, it was Adelaide’s chance to be coloured; with a sold out crowd of 10, 000 participants at the Victoria Park Racecourse. ‘The Happiest 5K’ began at approximately 9 o’clock, with waves of 1000 runners & walkers being released every five minutes. Passing through the ‘Color Stations’, participants were powdered with orange, blue, pink and yellow. Upon completion of the course, the ‘color runners’ arrived at the Finish Festival, where they danced and sang their way into midday. 

The Swisse Color Run was a well organised event, which allowed a stress free environment for not only the runners, but the volunteers. We hope to see it back next year with an even bigger crowd – I have never seen so many people smiling!

Were you at The Swisse Color Run in Adelaide on Sunday the 19th of May? You can view and tag yourselves in our photo gallery here! Thanks for an amazing day everyone, we hope you all had as much fun as we did!

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Our entire gallery of The Swisse Color Run can be found here: Sunday, May 19

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