Lindsey Stirling | Interview

Growing up listening to classical music, dancing violinist Lindsey Stirling has certainly made a name for herself across the globe with her unique take on playing the violin. Wanting to play music that was more ‘fun’ Lindsey started playing more ‘popular’ music and joined a band called “Stomp On Melvin”.

But after improvising to their songs and trying out for America’s Got Talent, Lindsey soon realised that she was unhappy playing everyone else’s music and decided it was time the world heard her own style and sound.

“I really wanted to have my own voice and create my own songs,” she says.

“I knew I had a message to share, and that I could share it using the violin.”

Already having toured some parts of the world, this dancing violinist has the rest of her career ahead of her, and disappoint she will not. 

“When I was a little kid my dad used to play his classical favorites on our old record player and my sisters and I would run around the couch and dance to the music. I think this instilled a passionate love for music within me because listening to it made me so happy!

“We didn’t have a lot of money, so my dad would find local free orchestra concerts to take us to. It didn’t take me very long to figure out who the “stars” of the orchestra were.

“I begged my parents for lessons until my mom, who was always very passionate about music and in helping us pursue our passions, found one teacher willing to give me a 15 minute lesson once every couple of weeks because it was all she could afford.”

Though struggling a little growing up, she has completely transformed the way she thinks and how she performs on stage.

“I think I enjoy the energy that comes when with performing in front of an enthusiastic audience,” she says.

“My fans contribute as much to my live performances as anything else. There’s nothing quite like it. As far as my favorite performance, it’s tough to choose just one.

“I had some pretty amazing crowds in France. I had the opportunity to perform live with the Tabernacle Choir this year in front of nearly 14,000 people which was pretty awesome.

“Most people enjoy music that is somewhere between 2-4 minutes long and that follows an “intro-verse-chorus” form; I know I do! As much as I love classical music, I started loosing interest in the violin during my teenage years because I wanted to play music that was more “fun.” I only started feeling excited about the violin again once I started playing “popular” music.

“I joined a band called “Stomp on Melvin” and improvised to their songs. Later I wrote my first violin solo for the Jr. Miss Competition my senior year of high school.  Throughout college I continued to play with local bands in Utah and uploaded my first “viral” video.

“After my mission I tried out for America’s Got Talent and improvised over several popular songs; but after that experience I realized that I was tired of playing everyone else’s music. I really wanted to have my own voice and create my own songs. I knew I had a message to share, and that I could share it using the violin.

As well as her music, Lindsey’s style of performing is against the norm. She dances whilst playing the violin, and it allows her to give a full performance, rather than standing idly on stage.

“I have always loved dancing! I learned to “move” when I performed with rock bands, but my first choreographed “dance” with the violin was for my performance for the Jr. Miss pageant.

“I really wanted to stand out to the judges and decided that I needed to come up with something entertaining and different. It worked (I won!)”

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