Eclectic Education is the brainchild of Tanysha Bolger founder of Ezra Magazine and Eclectic Photography. She’s a journalist and educator now based in Europe but has previously lived in South Australia for most of her life.

“Online education such as courses on YouTube, Skillshare and other online learning platforms has in the past been primarily marketed and targeted towards men. I want to change that,” says Founder of Ezra Magazine Tanysha Bolger. 

“It’s a bit of an ambitious dream but I want to make it an authentic learning experience for both women and men, but primarily aim it towards women and women in business.”

“There is a wonderful network and large community of women in business both in my local community and online. I think there is a need for online education for women and I want to offer that.”

Her passion is education, photography and business. Eclectic Education has been almost three years in the making – a culmination of wanting to educate, teach and inspire others to develop skills and find their own passions in life. She has a Bachelor of Journalism and a Master of Teaching and has experience working as both a teacher and a journalist in regional South Australia. 

“I think there is a need for authentic learning in any work place, home and community. Living regionally I find it quite hard to access learning opportunities because there is such a large distance between our community and the capital city.”

“Online learning is the only way for people living remote and regional areas to improve their skills, learn and develop interests in other areas.”

Eclectic Education‘s goal is to develop an online education platform that gives your learning a purpose, project and practical skills to improve areas in your life. 

“It’s currently in its research stages but I’m getting there slowly. I want to make sure the content I create is going to be useful and serve a purpose and not build something for the sake of it.”

To signup to Eclectic Education’s membership base where you’ll receive free and early access to courses, plus loads more benefits for members visit: Eclectic Education. To take part in Eclectic Education’s research please visit: Eclectic Education: Research