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Ez Stone 

Hailing from Brighton, England, Ez Stone is a singer/song writer that has an intrinsic voice and a willingness to captivate his listeners through his music. Playing in the Brighton music scene for a while and supporting the likes of Rae Morris and John Smith, Ez Stone is about to release his début EP ‘Moroccan Whiskey EP’ under The Loft Sessions Records. 

‘Moroccan Whiskey EP’ will be released November 4th, and features Ez performing song with him, his guitar and his blissful vocals, perfect to listen to on a Sunday afternoon.

“I had a great time recording it with my good friend Alex Wells, who is one of the best musicians I’ve met. I’ve been wanting to record this set of songs for a little while and it’s going to be great having a hard copy in my hand (artwork also made by a good friend, joint effort all round it seems). I think my favourite part of the recording process would have to be recording the last two songs titled “Just A Film” and “World Of Pretend”, for me it was great to hear some drums and bass thrown into the mix. Also by this point of recording we had fully decided on the sound we wanted to go for and could have fun with it. Although the album is yet to be released, I am looking forward to getting back into the studio and recording som new tracks. Enjoy the EP!” –  Ez Stone

The Loft Sessions was created in Brighton with the intent of providing a location for artists and bands to play to a live audience. The vision of The Loft Sessions is to record artists and bands live with a single take, without any fancy camera work or effects. Live music is when we see performers shine, The Loft Sessions will be bringing some of the best to our club night in Brighton every month.” – Mike from The Loft Sessions. To read more, visit their website at http://theloftsessions.org.uk/

You can pre-order the album here:

Bandcamp: http://tlsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/moroccan-whiskey-ep

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