Fitness – Hiking Morialta Falls

View looking West to the city and Grange beach from Rocky Hill Track.

Get your hike on


Nestled amongst the Mount Lofty Ranges in Adelaide, South Australia, Morialta Conservation Park is a fantastic location for exercising outdoors and is only 20 minutes away from the CBD.

Whether you like hiking to Third Falls or running to First Falls, the diverse terrain allows the average hiker or runner to go at their own pace and conquer the landscape.

With several hiking trails providing scenic lookouts, allowing yourself an afternoon to hike in the upcoming warm weather will not only be beneficial to your body but your mind as well.

The main hiking trails start at the top car park, taking you either to First Falls, Second Falls or Third Falls.

Local resident and avid hiker, Elisa, says Morialta is challenging but it’s always a fun experience.

“I run and hike there because the trails and landscape are interesting, varied, and change seasonally. In Morialta there are so many trails to choose from for all levels of fitness,” she says.

‘Centre Track’ is a trail that runs straight through Morialta and involves inclining extremely steep hills.

“You can link most of the trails via Centre Track, meaning you can run or walk for whatever distance you feel comfortable doing. I use a fitness app with my phone when I run to not only play music but to also hype me up.”

“Tracking my progress whilst on the run is beneficial as well, so I can challenge myself to run faster in new and sometimes quite steep terrain next time,” she says.

There are distinct trails you can follow designated by colour on the maps and signs provided, but creating your own trail is half the fun!

We’ve outlined two trails that we regularly hike, that are around 7.5km in distance and around 480 metres in height.


Starting at the top car park head left over the bridge and turn right at the first trail intersection, from there continue up the hairpin and make your way to the very steep ‘Rocky Hill’.

This hill is the very large hill that you see when approaching Morialta via Moules Road, and climbing up that fire track will give your legs are nice workout!

Though the trails are quite similar you can mix them up a bit by hiking counter-clockwise, though this direction will have you declining down Rocky Hill, so if you prefer, follow the blue dotted line on the map to avoid the fire track.


If you choose to walk clockwise, the views are spectacular both at Rocky Hill Track and also near the completion of your hike, just past Second Falls, which will allow you to view the huge mountain you just climbed, which is an awesome feeling!

When undertaking one of the trails that we have created or any trails at Morialta, don’t forget to be prepared with water, sunscreen, suitable footwear and clothing, plus a mobile phone in case of emergency.

Free car parking is available at the top car park and also along Stradbroke Rd, however if you park within the grounds of Morialta, don’t forget that gates close around sun down.

If you have never hiked before or you are just starting to exercise, it is advisable to seek medical advice from your GP before conducting strenuous exercise for the first time.

Ezra Magazine is not responsible for any injuries attained whilst on the trails outlined in this article, hikers and runners proceed at your own risk. If you are not familiar with the area it is advisable to not go on your own in case of injury.