HEALTH – Foods that go with protein powder


Deliciously Yum Protein


Whether you’re trying to lose weight, or you’re using protein to repair muscles after weight lifting, it can be slightly arduous having it in water every time you drink it. Depending on what brand and flavour (there are many out there), the taste can sometimes be off-putting and slightly chalky – but you deal with it because hey, you feel better afterwards knowing you’ve just exercised and you’re putting some good protein into your body.

Whilst most protein users will stick to the day-to-day protein combination with water or milk (not recommended), there are alternatives that can sometimes be a little tastier than combining protein powder with bottled rain – sometimes drinking up to three litres of the stuff a day just gets a bit much. So what can you use instead of or with the lovely clear liquid? 


This is a highly recommended alternative because it can taste absolutely delicious and still be slightly on the healthy side. Mix your recommended serving of protein, such as a 35g or 45g scoop with about 100-150g of natural pro-biotic yoghurt, Greek yoghurt or any other yoghurt of your choice (remember that flavoured yoghurt such as “french vanilla” will have a higher fat and sugar content). It’s delicious, it’s creamy, and having a serving of yoghurt helps your digestive system as it contains live cultures and ‘good’ bacteria.

A brand I’d recommend would be Vaalia’s natural pro-biotic yoghurt – it’s light on the sugar, fat and it tastes relatively okay. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend having yoghurt daily, it can serve as a slightly healthy option once a week. Remember, trying to lose weight and keeping a healthy eating habit for your body is all about balance. 

Mix in Oats

This is a popular option amongst people losing weight as it gives a little flavour to oats. Having oats for breakfast is beneficial for your energy levels throughout the day and it powers your body to keep going until your mid-morning healthy snack or lunch time. Adding some protein powder will ease the taste of oats, plus you get some protein for the day before you exercise or head to work. 

Healthy Protein Shake

Protein shakes that mostly involve water can be tasteless and boring, so why not try adding some different things in? Whilst fruit will raise your natural sugar levels, it’s delicious and can help with the chalky taste that is sustained through just powder and water. You can even make your protein shake into a healthy smoothie – just add your usual amount of water and protein, then add some ice cubes, a banana, some pieces of fruit or maybe even some of the aforementioned yoghurt – delish!

Do you have any recipes that you like to use with protein powder? Share below. 

*Please note we were in no way endorsed by any brands listed in this article, views and opinions expressed in this piece are solely those of Ezra Magazine.