‘Inspiration In Photography’ by Brooke Shaden

From Underwater to Across the Globe

Following up on our interview with American photographer Brooke Shaden, we are glad to announce that her first published book, “Inspiration In Photography: Training Your Mind to Make Great Art a Habit” will be released on September 11, 2013. Currently available for pre-order through Focal Press and Amazon, this 190 page paperback has everything you need to know about her style, her thought processes and her astounding passion for photography.

“Indeed, all artistic photographers seek to achieve their own style, but it’s not always easy to see how to get there,” Shaden said. “This book provides the perfect balance of insight and instruction to help you find inspiration whenever you need it, and capitalize on it every time.”

Inspiration is hard to come by sometimes. Some people strive for it everyday, some go searching for it their whole lives. Brooke Shaden has certainly impacted the fine-art photographic style, quickly becoming one of the most recognised photographers of her genre. Through “Inspiration In Photography” Shaden will show you how you find inspiration in anything.

“Of all the amazing things that photography can do, it all means nothing without inspiration,” she said. “I believe that everyone can find inspiration if they open themselves up to it. And I believe in the power of imagination and in using that imagination to create works of art.”

Shaden blogs regularly, hosts photography workshops across the country, and offers inspirational and instructional videos on her You Tube channel. Her work was recently chosen by Ron Howard as inspiration for a short film in Canon’s Imagin8tion competition.

“Underwater photography is a huge passion of mine because it allows me to access a world that is widely unknown to us. It is a place where humans cannot exist for long periods of time, yet in a photograph we can look for hours if we want, staying submerged in the space. This excites me because it is truly creating a new world, which is what I love to do. It represents darkness and mystery because it is a place we cannot explore normally.” – from our interview with Brooke Shaden.

 “Inspiration In Photography: Training Your Mind to Make Great Art a Habit” is currently available for pre-order through Focal Press and Amazon.