Adorian Deck | Interview

Living healthier and happier


Living healthy is all about respecting your body. It’s about being healthy in your mind, your body and most of all, having a healthy outlook on life. Being healthy may often involve losing weight in a progressive but healthy manner. It’s about learning how to cook beneficial and nutritious food that’ll be good for your body, to help you be stronger and have lots of energy.

“How to lose weight” is a prime marketing tool used against women to convince them they need (this) product because of (x) reason so they’ll lose (a) amount of kilos in just (e) amount of weeks. The harsh and honest truth is there really isn’t any formula besides this – whatever you put into your training, meal preparation, running, swimming, that amount of effort will correspond to your strength increase and fat loss. 

With our recent article about losing 30 kilograms combined with our new interview with YouTuber, Adorian Deck, we hope to keep inspiring you to lead healthy and happy lifestyles. In response to the overwhelming positive feedback about the new health articles, “Health” and “Lifestyle” along with “Photography” will become a prominent focus point in Ezra Magazine. Stay tuned for more recipes, tips and tricks and overall motivation boosters. For now, here is our interview with Adorian Deck, where he talks about the challenges and accomplishments that go hand in hand with losing weight and becoming a healthier person. 

Hi Adorian! How is the sunny city of L.A at the moment?

Beautiful as always! The amount of days in the year that we have perfect weather is too many to not be grateful for.

Last time we spoke to you was around the beginning of last year and a lot has changed since then. We hear you’ve become fit and healthy and done some other amazing things!
Losing weight must have been challenging. What was the motivator for your weight loss?

I wanted to make myself a better person, and I still do every day. Who I am, what I look like, how strong I am, etc. My friend Chris Thompson (fellow youtube creator) stayed with me for a month and a half and in return he trained me and gave me the tools necessary to accomplish these goals of being a better person…and by tools, I mean he disciplined me to getting down to business and doing what needed to be done. On April 15th we signed up for a 10k race on June 1st, and we trained to accomplish the 10k under 50 minutes (8 minutes a mile). We completed that goal on May 30th.

Did you find it hard at first? If so, what did you do to keep motivating yourself?

Yes, it was hard. He kicked my ass all the way through. I used to think my answer to this would have just been that Chris was there pushing me and it was him motivating me, but I could have said no and given up many times. I was motivated because I trusted what he was doing to me, and I knew the pain I was going through was only going to improve me quicker than ever. I felt like I was making efficient progress and that’s what kept me going.

Are you also eating healthy and drinking lots of water? Did you stick to a meal plan or was it a day by day basis?

We ate almost perfectly which honestly was a HUGE part of the weight loss, I wouldn’t have lost weight so fast if it was just running. Our meal plan was basically chicken and salad with a few alternatives here and there Monday-Saturday, and then on Sundays we would order Papa John’s pizza and watch netflix and not workout all day. It was our cheat day and our rest day, which was huge for keeping motivated and going. I like to use the analogy of a cell phone, if you can’t recharge it you won’t be able to use it. The pizza wasn’t a reward for a hard working week, but a way to stay sane while eating so clean most of the week. You can adjust this to 2 or 3 days a week too in the beginning if you’re looking to try a meal plan, but you just won’t see results as quickly.

We also heard you have kept a running tracker and recorded how far you’ve gone each time. You’ve reached an amazing total, tell us a little about your running journey and accomplishments…

It’s honestly pretty crazy for me to think about. Adorian from 2 years ago would have NEVER guessed that I’d have almost 700 miles around my belt. I ran probably about 100 miles losing weight with Chris over a month and a half, a couple of months later I ran 80 miles in 17 days, and a few months after that I ran 100 miles in 24 days. I’m so proud of the 80 miles because it was actually a competition against Chris, and it was the first time I was doing something like that on my own without someone pushing me. That was a huge accomplishment of my mental strength, I had changed.

Looking back on yourself before you lost weight, do you feel different mentally compared to then? 

Extremely different. I always feel like I was mentally a strong person, but what Chris taught me in a month and a half I will know for the rest of my life. Anything difficult in life I see with a much different perspective, it’s a perspective of discipline and not making myself the victim. If you put blame for anything in your life on someone or something else, you give up all control and ability to fix your problem. It’s the easy way out, and I don’t take that easy way out anymore. I am mentally much stronger in all areas of my life.


As you’re a prominent YouTuber on the interwebs and attend conventions etc, you must get a lot of reaction from people about your progress. What has been the best response so far?

Yes, most people have really wonderful things to say and I appreciate it all. My favorite responses are the people who watch my videos that come up to me and tell me they lost 40 pounds because of me. I mean, that’s more weight than I lost myself! They’ll show me a picture and I just don’t know how to react, but I give them a big hug and give them a huge congratulations. That’s my favorite kind of response because it means I helped someone else just by helping myself, and I think that’s beautiful.

What is/are your fitness goal/s for the rest of this year and how close are you to achieving them?

I’m helping my friend Tom finish a 50 mile challenge I setup for him, and then I’m going to be training in the gym to build strength and balance. I’ve already started, but it will be a big focus over the coming months. My goal is to be able to do push my entire body into a handstand from the ground up.

What advice can you give to someone considering losing weight and someone who’s already started to lose weight?

Someone considering losing weight: Do it, you’re going to feel great about yourself and learn lessons that will help you in more than just losing weight. It’s a win-win. Don’t overwhelm yourself…start small and try to be better as each day passes. It’s not a race, it’s a marathon.

Someone who’s already started to lose weight: Same thing, build momentum by getting out to work out out every day, and be better than you were yesterday. You’ve already made so much progress by just accepting that you’re going to do what it takes to lose weight. Keep it up, you’re on your way!

What have been some other awesome things that have happened in your life over this past year?

I traveled Sweden, Denmark, Turkey, England, Qatar, Hong Kong, and Canada in about a 2 month period. I also road tripped from Buffalo, NY to Los Angeles, CA. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, I think it’s very important for knowing your place in the world and I plan on doing more of it! I don’t ever regret spending too much money on travel because it’s experiences I will have for the rest of my life…that TV I bought for my bedroom? Not so much.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Love the body you’ve been given. If you go into working out and eating healthy with a negative, self hatred kind of energy, you’re not going to enjoy it at all. Love the body you’ve been given, and see working out as a way to improve your already beautiful natural body and self.