INTERVIEW – Celeste Ortiz


Hi Celeste how are you?

Hi! I’m fine! A little cold, even though it’s summer here!

So tell us a little about yourself and how you became involved with photography?

I started with photography when I received my first camera, which it was for help me in my studies, but I began to photograph other things and with the time I realized I really love to do this.

Were you always interested in becoming a photographer or did you have another career in mind as a child?

I think I discovered photography really late, especially because my uncle is a photographer and he try to teach me about this when I was a child and I wasn’t interested at that time. But never it’s too late for change or make new interest!


What do look for when you look into a lens? What is it about light, composition and structure that captivates you to photograph people?

I look for a certain sensibility, something hard to explain..

Photography is a very diverse medium. What led you to shooting in a very experimental style?

I started with digital photography and when I changed to film photography this pushed me to experiment a lot more, different cameras, different films, techniques, etc and I still have a lot to keep experimenting!

Where do you see yourself in the future in terms of a career within the photography industry?

Right now, in the present, I see myself in a really nice place with a lot of opportunities in my way, lots of thing to do. Things are feeling good and I’m not worried about “the future”.


What do you enjoy most about going out and photographing?

I don’t make too many outdoor shootings, but what I like the most is the nature and having so much light!

Has there ever been a time you’ve felt like you have had enough of photography? If so, what kept you going?

Never. Obviously I have had some “uninspired” periods, but never thought about quit it.

Who inspires you the most and how have you incorporated their ideas and beliefs into your work?

There are so many talented people out there…


What has been the most enjoyable image you have worked on?

I enjoy all my shoots.

What are five things you wish you had been told before embarking on a photographic career?

Oh I don’t know! I been learning little by little and I never have had too many expectations, things are flowing very naturally.

Do you think that where you live severely influences your style as a photographer?

Yes, this town have something… It’s a strange place, with not many opportunities, maybe that makes people being more creative.

Any advice for someone who loves photography?

Keep doing what you love, love passionately

Journalist: Tanysha Bolger
Photographer Interviewed: Celeste Ortiz
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/celesteortizfotografia