Simon Wilcox and Shridhar Solanki from Cider Sky

We Are In Love

Their music is dream-like and their vocals are transcending, Cider Sky is an absolute wonder to listen to. Solanki’s voice mixes so beautifully with Wilcox’s, it’s hard to imagine this band is relatively unknown. Their eclectic sound is so vastly different from modern day music, they’re perfect to listen to when soaking up the afternoon sun after a hard day at work, or simply relaxing at the beach. What’s so lovely about their music is that if you’re having a bad day, listening to ‘We Are In Love’ or ‘Fall’ can make it better in an instant. Their sweetly combined vocals and their use of a range of musical instruments can make everything better, trust us!

“A Cider Sky is that breathtaking moment when the Sun takes a bow and wishes goodnight to the day. Flashing a bright orange smile, he welcomes his old friend the Moon. Bathed in a glow of rusty light, the stars begin to get themselves comfortable for their nightly watch. It’s a time when magical things can happen. Wilcox and Solanki’s musical mission is to put forth a little more beauty and light into the world. Full of positive energy, love and optimism, their songs resonate with that moment at dusk when the last few brilliant rays of sunshine refract a Cider Sky.” – www.cidersky.com

When Simon Wilcox and Shridhar Solanki met in London by accident, stars aligned to create something perfect; Cider Sky. After releasing ‘Northern Lights’, they began working on their EP titled ‘King’, which since it’s release in 2011, has acclaimed much success. Shortly after in 2012, ‘We Are In Love’ and ‘Fall’ were released as a single, much to the fans of ‘Northern Lights’ delight. Cider Sky is now currently working on releasing an album later in the year, so we caught up with them for a quick Q&A about how they met and some news about their new album.

Tell us about how you both met by accident in England and then again in Los Angeles. Did you know something big and wonderful would come from it?

We met through mutual friends who knew we were both musicians. We had no idea something amazing would come from that meeting – in fact, we lost touch for a while, and met again randomly in Los Angeles.

As a Cider Sky is that ‘breathtaking moment when the Sun takes a bow and wishes goodnight to the day’, where do you find you gain a lot of your creative inspiration from?

Well, the beauty that surrounds us – also some of the hardship and struggle. Our goal is to create music that is uplifting and hopeful.

Any news of upcoming tours in Australia?

Not yet, but we’d love that!

‘We Are In Love’ and ‘Fall’ are such harmonic and aesthetically pleasing songs to listen to, what do you feel when you listen to them now?

Those are two of our favorite songs, so it’s enjoyable to listen to them.

‘King’ is your first EP and compromises of songs written together after Northern Lights was featured on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack; what was it like working and writing together on the album?

King was really fun to work on – we were just enjoying ourselves and I think that comes across in the songs.

Do you plan to make music for as long as you both can?

Yes, absolutely!

What projects do you have in store for 2013 and in the near future?

We’re planning on releasing our first full length album this year. We’re excited to see what our fans think of the new songs (if the album is leaked pre-release, you’ll know who did it!)

What song of yours are you most proud of?

We’re proud of all of them, but I guess we both really like We Are In Love – the fan reaction to that song has been amazing. We’re also really excited about some of the new songs on the upcoming album.

What’s your favourite album by another artist?

David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust

What’s the first song you ever remember hearing?

Ha! Probably a nursery rhyme?

Reflecting on your past, what was your ambition in life when you were younger? Has it changed now because of what you do?

We both wanted to be musicians and songwriters. It’s pretty mind blowing to have a chance to live out your childhood dream.

What was the most important day of your life to date?

The day the iceberg around my heart melted.

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