Copyright 2013 – Matt Spilsbury Photography

INTERVIEW – Matt Spilsbury, South Australian Photographer

Copyright 2013 - Matt Spilsbury Photography
Copyright 2013 – Matt Spilsbury Photography

At just eighteen years old, Matt has already had his photography featured on news websites and in the papers. The stunning moments he captures of a wave before it breaks, or the sunset about to kiss the day goodnight is truly beautiful. Photography for Matt is part of his daily routine, which is in-between juggling his work and university life, but he still manages to have fun. We can’t wait to see where this young photographer will go in the future, as he still has his whole life ahead of him it will be amazing to see where it takes him. Below we have a little chat with Matt about how he began photographing and what it’s like to photograph out on the water. 

Hi there Matt how are you?

Great thank you! Who wouldn’t be when you have an opportunity like this?

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m an eighteen year old guy who is currently living a full life. I spend most of my days trying to pull the camera out of the bag either in between studying at Flinders University or trying to off early at ‘work’ (my dad’s business) to go take photos. It’s either that or spending time with my girlfriend/family and friends (laughs). I love living life full on, I wouldn’t know what else to do with myself. I have developed a very large passion for photography which has evolved so rapidly, it’s amazing to see what I have achieved in such a short amount of time!

When were you ‘photographically born’?

I have always loved gadgets and ‘mucking’ around with them. If something electrical like a game controller or something similar was broken and my family had given up, I’d always love to prove to them wrong. I always thought they just needed some ‘tweaking’ (laughs). I wasn’t always successful I must admit, but I think that’s where my desire to capture photographs sort of came from really. I have to improve no matter if I’m successful or not. 

Copyright 2013 – Matt Spilsbury Photography
Copyright 2013 – Matt Spilsbury Photography

I went through about three cameras before I bought my Canon 550d. I started photographing landscapes and was so astonished by the colours of the environment that I immersed myself in. Photographically speaking though, late 2011 was probably when I really fell in love with photography and so took it up as a fairly serious profession and passion of mine. It sort of just grew and hopefully continues to do so.

Do you think where you live has influenced your photographic style in anyway?

I definitely think it has. I live quite close to the coast so it’s always just right outside my doorstep. I love capturing beautiful sunsets on the beach while smashing through waves in the day. I live in a relatively small country town with very beautiful colours.

What type of camera do you use?

I use a Canon 550D, GoPro and I am currently buying a Canon 60D with a waterproof housing unit.

Copyright 2013 – Matt Spilsbury Photography
Copyright 2013 – Matt Spilsbury Photography

Have you studied photography/are you studying photography or are you self-taught?

Apart from studying half a year in high school, most of my experience is all self-taught through magazines, videos, online tutorials and a through a few professional photographers that have mentored me. They helped a lot with tips and information. I think that’s the beauty of photography, with the excitement of being out on the field or in the water and learning new things. You’re continuously learning. 

What is it like photographing when you’re out in the ocean?

It is another world out there and I love it! I am completely free from work and university life, and I can sit out there for hours and hours and just forget everything that exists on the shore. Sometimes when I am out in the water I just have a huge smile on my face, I’m just really happy. After hours of being in the water and falling onto the bed at night I feel myself going through the waves, so the excitement never really ends for me.

Copyright 2013 – Matt Spilsbury Photography
Copyright 2013 – Matt Spilsbury Photography

One image that you’re most proud of and why?

Oh now that is a tough one, I love my images, but the image I am most proud of would be my triple lightning photo I took late in 2012. It hit over 1,300 likes on Facebook which is the most likes I have ever had and I think ever will have!

Copyright 2013 – Matt Spilsbury Photography

If you could summarise your collection and what you do in under a sentence, what would it say?

Living another man’s dream while capturing this beautiful natured world.

If you had to choose one place (city or area) to live for the rest of your life, what would it be? Would it be where you are now or somewhere different?

I would have to say Queensland or Hawaii! They have amazing weather and beautiful scenery that would last a life time of enjoyment for me like a kid in a candy store.

If you had one chance to speak through a P.A system that everyone in the entire world would hear, what would you say?

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Composed by Tanysha Bolger

Copyright 2013 – Matt Spilsbury Photography
Copyright 2013 – Matt Spilsbury Photography