Life Is Strange | Article

Get the tissues ready; the final instalment of Life Is Strange is about to be released. As part of a five episodic series the final episode “Polarized” will see the climax of the story, following the previous events at the end of episode 4 “Dark Room”. If the previous episodes are anything to go by, it will probably be a slow build up at the start of the episode with things getting messier as time goes on.

As an end to the series it will be interesting to see where Max’s story ends up and how the huge storm, dead whales and dying animals impact her ability to manipulate time. There are many fan theories circulating forums as to how Max came to attain the power of time manipulation, but hopefully it is explained in the next and final episode.

The brilliant thing about Life Is Strange is the creativity and originality of the game, I have never come across anything so beautifully crafted before (minus the abysmal lip-sync). The characters have depth, meaning and purpose to be in the game. The question as to where Rachel is has, for now, has been answered and the “Dark Room” has been found. But what’s up ahead for Max in the coming episode is going to be shocking to say the least.

Life is Strange episode 5 “Polarized” will be available on Oct 20 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Steam (PC).