“Literally I Can’t…” believe it exists

“Literally, I can’t…” believe it exists

Labelled The Most Offensive Song of 2014, Party Rock Records’ Literally I Can’t” is cringe worthy to say the least.

“Literally I Can’t” by Play-N-Skillz featuring Redfoo, Lil Jon and Enertia McFly (who even are they?) tells women to quote “Shut the fuck up” because they rejected their sexual advances. 

The video which features a bunch of sorority girls walking into a college party who are then surrounded and advanced upon are told to “Shut the fuck up,” because ‘literally, they can’t’.  

Whilst it may have been created as satire, which is all well and good, promoting rape culture and telling a woman to shut the fuck up is far from okay, just like that Blurred Lines song, (don’t even go there). 

In a response to the social media backlash, Red Foo (Stefan Gordy) who was a judge on X-Factor Australia this year, has tweeted that he has been “victimized” by critics of the song because he’s an artist who’s free to express what he wants to. 

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Though some loyal fans of the party rockers have shown support for the song, thousands of people have shown their outrage against the lyrics and video, and Collective Shout (an anti-sexism initiative) has started a petition to prevent Channel 7 Australia from rehiring Red Foo. 

“How can the National Plan of Action to address violence against women succeed if we allow celebrities like Red Foo to be employed in positions of power?” Writes Jas Swilks from Collective Shout.

“Red Foo must literally not be rehired.”

Some supporters of the petition have also voiced their opinion as to why the song is vulgar and sexist.

“I am sick of this misogynistic bullshit being OK. Say no to sexism and rape culture!” Brooke Moon from Australia.

“…And I find it quite disgusting that he is hired on an entertainment program that just crowned a young teenage girl as the winner & then he is spouting such sexist drivel in his songs,” Jessica Fantella from Australia. 

Some classy lyrics in “Literally I Can’t” are as follows;

“You got a big ol’ butt. I can tell by the way you walkin’. But you an annoying *BEEP*, because you’re talking.”

“Shhh… I set you on the pole; I didn’t need your opinion…I’m sipping on this drink, trying to see what you got, not trying to hear what you think.” 

[tweet https://twitter.com/RedFoo/status/532025727252561920 width=’800′]

UPDATE: Yesterday (Nov 13) Red Foo took to Facebook and issued an apology:

“To my fans, friends & family who, in my mind, are one in the same, I love you all.”

“Over the years, you’ve connected with me through my music, art & our personal interactions. My greatest joy & mission from day one has been to entertain people from all walks of life: the kids, parents, teens, ladies, gentlemen, cops & even the robbers.”

“I get excited to create things that will unite all of us through laughter, dance & celebration. If during that process I offend anyone, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. In the future I will be more mindful of the way I present my art,” says Red Foo. 

Australian newspaper The Age has stated that “girls need to learn satire,” and that we shouldn’t be taking the song too seriously .

The change.org petition currently has over 17,000 signatures. 

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