MUSIC – Our Top Ten List for Australian Remix Artist ‘Pogo’


We present to you a famous film-remix artist hailing from Perth, Western Australia, Nick Bertke (aka Pogo). Originally remixing films such as Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Toy Story and lots of other Disney films, but after having travelled overseas, he wants to ‘remix the world’.

The music that he creates is so pleasing to the ears, it deserves its own genre entirely of its own. Below is our playlist of Pogo’s creations that we absolutely adore. You can listen to more on his channel which is linked below.

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All Pogo’s film remixes are available for download for FREE on his website which you can find here. His store also features other tracks and albums that he has mixed and composed. Definitely worth listening to if you haven’t already.

Nick Bertke on Youtube