MUSIC – Top April Album Releases

fa64a1763309b530ed842bfe2e79e150-640x640Is it Time for the Comebacks?

April has been an exciting month for music fans. We welcomed the long awaited return of old favourites, discovered debuts from some promising musicians, creative boundaries were pushed and genre barriers broken. These are just a few of the incredible releases April has to offer.

Paramore – ‘Paramore’

After a three year break, Paramore are back with a seventeen track record, filled with electro-rock, ukulele interludes and gospel choir. Unpredictable and fun, “Paramore” delves into themes of growing up and moving on. From the funky “Ain’t Fun” to the sweet, love song “Still Into You”, this record unlike anything the band has ever released before. However, tracks such as the punk fueled “Anklebiters” and “Be Alone” prove Paramore still know how to rock. Producer Justin Medal-Johnson has pushed the trio to explore new sounds resulting in their most experimental and uplifting record yet.


James Blake – ‘Overgrown’

British electronic music producer and singer-song writer James Blake, is breaking all the rules with his latest release ‘Overgrown’. Follow up to his 2011 self-titled debut; ‘Overgrown’ infuses dup step, R&B, gospel and an array of genres to produce one of the most inventive albums of 2013. Lead single “Retrograde” is an emotive and heartfelt ballad. Sustained synths build the tension and Blake proclaims, “Suddenly I’m hit, is this darkness of the dawn?” Blake’s sultry vocals will captivate you on tracks such as the haunting “I Am Sold”, and “DLM” beautifully showcases his abilities as a classically trained pianist. An adventurous and emotional record, ‘Overgrown’ is definitely worth the listen.

fall-out-boy-new-650-430Fall Out Boy – ‘Save Rock and Roll’

Fall Out Boy fans rejoiced on February 4th when the band announced their reformation. If that wasn’t enough excitement for one day they also announced a new album, tour and released their first single. ‘Save Rock and Roll’ offers anthemic choruses, heavy synth and some surprising guests such as Elton John and Courtney Love. It will have you singing along at the top of your lungs to “Young Volcanoes” and “Where Did The Party Go” and reminiscing on “Save Rock and Roll”. Fall Out Boy may not be the same band that started out playing fast paced pop-punk music in 2003; they have grown up, developed their sound and continued to make great music which they are proud of. The future of Fall Out Boy starts now.


Little Green Cars – ‘Absolute Zero’

‘Absolute Zero’ is the highly anticipated debut from Irish, indie folk band Little Green Cars. Produced by Markus Dravs (Mumford and Sons’ ‘Sigh No More’ and Coldplay’s ‘Mylo Xyloto’), this record has been five years in the making. Full of catchy choruses and heavenly vocals, ‘Absolute Zero’ explores love and life. Youthful opening track “Harper Lee” has enough five part harmonies to put a smile on anyone’s face and sombre, piano based track “The Kitchen Floor” beautifully blends female and male vocals. Little Green Cars make the kind of joyful music you can listen to over and over again. Expect to hear a lot about this talented band in the months to come.

Written By Melina Scarfo