MUSIC – What People Are Really Listening To

Chart Watchers Beware

All songs are composed with seven notes, so what’s your favourite song? Every person has a different taste in music, and because of the ever-changing genres, we can begin to taste everything music has to offer. What a lot of mainstream listeners of the radio don’t know, is that you are only listening to a minute portion of music in the entire world. There’s classical, indie, dubstep, ballads, black metal, rock, chillwave, dreampop, futurepop – just to name a few of the 300+ that exist.

The music that you listen to is chosen by industry ‘professionals’ and recording companies who want their song on the most played list of the iTunes charts. We’re not saying mainstream music is awful, sometimes it isn’t – but people around the world listen to songs that you only dream you could hear of.

So what are people in Adelaide listening to? We asked a few South Australians what song was at the top of their ‘Top 25 Most Played’ playlist and this is what we found. Chart watchers beware, there is some pretty awesome non-mainstream music below. 

‘Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion’ – Oliver Tank

‘Stay Close’ – Flume

‘I Can Make You Love Me’ – British India

‘Put A Light On’ – Generationals

‘Roar’ – Katy Perry

‘I Should Live In Salt’ – The National

‘Cheating’ – John Newman

‘I Look To You’ – Miami Horror

‘Please Forgive Me’ – David Gray

‘Hands’ – Alpine

‘Lightweight’ – Demi Lovato

‘Shutters’ – Hayden Calnin

‘Return To Innocence’ – Enigma

‘Young And Beautiful’ – Lana Del Rey

‘Run On Love’ – Lucas Nord featuring Tove Lo

‘Heroes’ – David Bowie

‘Closer’ – Tonight Alive

‘Celeste’ – Les Enfants

‘Her Command’ – The Growlers

‘Perfect Replacement’ – Example (Datsik Remix)

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