NEWS – Australian National Egg Shortage

Source: Supplied
Source: Supplied

Higher Prices, Less Eggs


It will not be until Spring that our shortage of eggs flattens out, as an influenza outbreak last October has caused a national shortage that has sky-rocketed egg prices. 

Whilst affecting over 400,000 chickens on October 15, 2013, and an estimated 400,000 more two days later, the H7 avian influenza virus has been eradicated in NSW for now. 

The shortage has increased egg prices in supermarkets across the country by over 50 per cent, and another five to eight per cent in the last week. 

It also poses a threat to increase prices of products that uses eggs as ingredients.

Even though the shortage will cause you to pay a lot more in supermarkets, please ensure you support the fair treatment of poultry by buying free range eggs where possible. 






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