Reese Herrington | Interview

For some photographers, photography is a means of escape; a break from the reality of everyday life. It is their own way of expressing who they are; what their fears and passions are and what excites them. For American photographer Reese Herrington, photography did become a coping mechanism for moving cities. It became her way of dealing with change. However, since then, her photographs have developed into creative pieces that utilise objects in unusual ways.

Before Herrington entered into the world of photography, she was interested in shooting video for quite a while. However, she said she was never proud of the content that she created, and often kept them to herself. This is in contrast to photography, where she enjoys sharing her images. Short films are still a big inspiration to Herrington, but photography will always be there for her.

“Being able to change the way I see everyday items was, and still is, something that really attracted me to photography,” she said.

“I feel as though I am able to create the impossible when I shoot and make life feel like a dream.”

Copyright 2016 - Reese Herrington
Copyright 2016 – Reese Herrington

When Herrington looks through a lens, she often looks for a unique composition and how colour interacts with different elements. “Colour and composition,” she says, “can make or break an image, they make an image stronger and more powerful.”

In regards to her images, finding her own style and identity as a photographer has been the biggest challenge she has had to work through. Reviewing her work and identifying what elements work and don’t work seemed to be the best way for her to find a style that she liked.

“This really has helped me grow as a photographer, I am able to see my mistakes and make sure I am not applying those things into my future images,” she said.

Copyright 2016 - Reese Herrington
Copyright 2016 – Reese Herrington

“Getting over challenges in photography and in life can be stressful, not having an image turn out or not having anything work out can be extremely annoying.

“I am more of a relaxed person, there are so many things to be grateful for and so many good days compared to bad ones.

“Everything always works itself out so when I am stressed out I just keep taking pictures and doing what makes me happy.”

Copyright 2016 - Reese Herrington
Copyright 2016 – Reese Herrington

As a young photographer, Herrington has big aspirations to shoot editorial photography for magazines. Already she has delved into the fashion photography world through applying her own style to a conventional fashion image.

“When people find out my age they are usually shocked and confused,” she said.

And although there are a lot of young photographers in the industry, Herrington believes people still hold a ‘you are to young’ stigma towards them.

“I don’t always feel like people take me seriously and it is a lot harder to find models because of my age,” she said.

In regards to planning her photographs, Herrington sketches out her ideas and tries to find a certain mood she is trying to achieve. There is never a succinct story for the image at the beginning, she creates the story as she creates the image.

Copyright 2016 - Reese Herrington
Copyright 2016 – Reese Herrington

Herrington’s inspiration is photographer Francesca Woodman whom she finds a great artist. Although Herrington said she does not incorporate her style or beliefs into her own work, Woodman’s work inspires her to experiment more and take her own self-portrait when she didn’t have any models to work with.

In her attempt to balance her life between school and photography, she often finds it “annoying,” but seems to stick to it.

“I will wake up some days and see fog in the field near my house but dread going to school,” she said.

“I do my school work and continue to focus on school so that I can continue with photography in the future.

“I am able to alter what I see every single day and make life feel like a dream.”

To keep up to date with Reece Herrington and her work, you can visit her website here: Reese Herrington