REVIEW – Now You See Me


Look Closer

“Now You See Me” is a work of originality and excitement. Prepare to have a front row seat to see the result of a very carefully planned and executed script and plot.

The protagonists and antagonists in this film switch between the FBI and the Four Horsemen, depending on whose side you take.

The Four Horsemen; played by Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher and Dave Franco work exceptionally well together, and hold their presence on-screen. They are ingenious, quirky and live in the moment to always be one step ahead of the FBI.

These ‘horsemen’ are interrogated by the FBI (Mark Ruffalo) and his counterpart at Interpol (Mélanie Laurent), but having no evidence to prove them guilty of theft, they let them go. 

If you can guess the ending before the third and final act (remember there are always three acts to a magic trick), then you have probably outsmarted most people in the cinema. Thinking back to a film called ‘The Prestige’, ‘Now You See Me’ has similarities in terms of the mysteriousness about it. The viewer is not told everything at the start; we are hinted to it, motioned towards it. 

In terms of technicality the editing is very quick, short and sharp. The long scenes make use of Morgan Freeman’s way with words where it can. The somewhat secondary character of Michael Caine brought some star power to it and gave it the credibility it needed to step away from being a dodgy ‘B’ film.

What intrigued me most about “Now You See Me” is the thought processes behind the film. Whilst no “Inception”, you can still be drawn in by the film by its cinematic elements and the logic behind the plot. The charismatic horsemen play the FBI for fools, and the FBI plays the audience for fools. The director leaves you speculating until the very end until that final ‘a-ha’ moment; because the closer you look, the less you’ll see.