See Victoria | Lake Mountain Alpine Resort

Located about two hours from the CBD of Melbourne, Australia, Lake Mountain Alpine Resort is amply situated for a quick trip to the snow, and is easily accessible by small cars. Boasting cross-country ski trails, toboggan and tube runs, hiking and walking trails, the resort also provides spectacular views across the mountains and over to the city.

The view from the summit lookout.
The view from the summit lookout

The walk to the summit, which is separated from the skiing area and main offices, is set amongst a blanket of snow across the trees and ground. About a 4km return walk, the eastern lookout atop the summit provides the view above. Walking across to the eastern lookout from the western lookout encourages you to explore the forest while following designated orange markers to the other side – allowing you to be truly immersed in a snow environment.

Snow was in abundance atop the summit.

Depending on what week and month you travel to the resort, if you’re heading up for the snow it is best to pack thick waterproof jackets and hiking shoes, as well as scarfs and snow gloves to keep your hands warm. Fortunately for us, snow wasn’t falling when we travelled as there had been limited cloud cover, but the resort can be immersed in dense snow and be bitterly cold.

There are a lot of activities to keep the kids entertained
There are a lot of activities to keep the kids entertained.

Catered more towards cross country skiers, the resort has several ski trails to test out and enjoy. Though the resort caters to kids for toboggan runs, there isn’t a designated area for 16 and above, which I felt the resort was lacking. There are two main areas to slide down, but when there are kids a plenty, and plenty of opportunities to crash into someone, it would be preferable to have an area designated to older teens and adults.

Walking on the trail towards the eastern lookout.
Walking on the trail back towards the western lookout.

At a cost of $54.50 per car (this does not include toboggan hire/food/ski hire) the price is quite hefty for the activities that are provided. If you don’t want to ski and simply want to enjoy the snow, the fee still has to be paid.

So if you’re looking for somewhere to take the kids on a family day trip in the winter, the resort is the perfect place to enjoy time together and experience the snow firsthand. The views from the summit are spectacular, and if you’re up for a little bit of a walk and want to stay away from the large crowds, the summit is absolutely stunning to be amongst. But if you enjoy cross country skiing, want to take a few lessons, hire a toboggan or some snow shoes, the main resort area is the place for you.