Ten things you learn & do when you move out of home | Article

1. The pile of clothes you leave in the corner unfortunately will not wash themselves

2. Houses don’t clean themselves either, but once you get going it’s kind of….fun

3. Grocery shopping is the best thing in the world because you can buy whatever you like

4. You just have to remember toilet paper…

5. Kmart becomes your go-to place for homewares, candles, shoes, underwear, books – everything

6. Budgeting kind of sucks but it’s necessary to stay afloat

7. Even though sometimes you won’t stick to it

8. While we’re on the topic of money, bills are the absolute worst

9. They usually all come in at the same time, so you go from relatively okay…

to living off stale pizza and two minute noodles

10. But when things are going okay, you call your mum five times in one night because you’re trying to cook a roast¬†or a pasta without burning the house down.