"Laughter is always the best medicine," - my grandmother.

Time | From the Editor

Wow! It has been a long time since I last logged into this dashboard, and oh how I miss it!

I thought I would write to give a little update as to where Ezra is currently at.

Over the past year, the frequency of Ezra Magazine’s articles have declined as I made the choice to both study and work full time (in retrospect that was a very bad idea). Whilst I learnt that I could manage my time between work and study, unfortunately Ezra Magazine had lower priority and I couldn’t bring myself to ever properly finish an article. By the time I went to write an article after studying or working I had no passion or drive left, and as a procrastinating perfectionist I will never publish a half-hearted article.

At the end of 2016 my grandmother who I was extremely close to passed away, and just last month my grandfather passed away. Dealing with the loss of both my grandparents has been a quiet and almost peaceful process that I’ve been going through these past few months.

All I know is that it will take time to appreciate and reflect on all the wonderful things in life that my grandmother blessed me with; one of those was the full support of Ezra Magazine. She always believed in me and always supported this magazine, even though it is published online and she was never able to hold a printed version in her hands.

She survived both bowel and breast cancer in her early forties and fifties but the repercussions and irreversible damage cancer had dealt on her body one day just became too much for it to cope with. Within several hours of being rushed to hospital I was able to jump on the next flight out and reach her in time to say goodbye, which I am so thankful for.

She passed away two hours later.

My grandmother, aged 17 – Netherlands.

During the same month my grandmother passed away I helped to open a small business in the town I live in; it’s another avenue I pour my creative energy into. Through running the business I have learnt an incredible amount of skills such as barista-ing and marketing but Ezra is always in the back of my mind.

Ezra Magazine for me is an outlet I can unleash my creative energy. I poured my soul into founding the magazine and I certainly do not want it to go to waste. Ezra will always be around and although it is currently on hold, I still have big dreams and aspirations for this little mag.

Thank you to all those who pop by every once in a while and have a read of one of the articles; please stay tuned.

There are big things to come; it just takes time.

x Tanysha