Issue 02

It’s finally here in all its glory! We are super proud to release Ezra Magazine’s Second Edition. It’s short and sweet but packed full of some fantastic people we were able to meet along the way.

Our first edition was published way back in 2015 and since then we’ve evolved and will continue to evolve. Our plan to is to move away from the magazine format and move to an online podcast format where we record our interviews and edit into a podcast.

Our website will still be available and house all your favourite articles but for now, have a read of our beautiful second edition.

A special thanks to all the people featured including Treadmillionaire, Phoebe Judge from Criminal, Tom Larner from the Australian Open, Ally Sereda, Billy Bennett, Ilona Flores, Prof Peter Kinderman and Daphne. A huge and big Ezra thank you!

Thank you to my partner Jarrad who’s always stuck by me and helped me grow as an author, journalist and person. This second edition is a lot smaller than I had imagined it to be but I’m super proud of how it has turned out. Please click the full screen option to view.

Much Ezra love,

Tanysha Bolger
Editor & Founder