EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Sammy J, Australian Comedian

Sammy J's 'Skinny Man - Modern World' show, last show March 1st 2013 at the Adelaide Fringe
Sammy J’s ‘Skinny Man – Modern World’ show, playing at this years Adelaide Fringe, with the last show being tomorrow March 1st 2013.

ADELAIDE – Returning again for the 2013 Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne born Sammy J delighted Adelaide’s ‘Tuesday Club’ as he so called it, to the point in where some of the audience members were crying from laughter. Sammy J from the duo ‘Sammy J and Randy’ presented himself this time as a stand alone skinny man, taking a break from the usual performance with his co-star ‘Randy’ – the purple puppet. With appearances most notably in the Melbourne Comedy Festival, Channel 10’s production of Good News Week, and also managing sell-out shows both locally and internationally; it’s hard not to be excited for Sammy’s new show called ‘Potentially‘.

Potentially‘ combines Sammy’s musical talent with his stand-up comedy to produce a concoction of fifty-five minutes filled with absolute hilarity. Mostly recounting events that have happened to Sammy, his delivery is both sweet, comical and at various points even philosophical! Right from the start, the blonde haired, suited skinny man has you in stitches…it was over before I wanted it to be! The audience and myself are still floating in that dirigible up there somewhere…

Afterwards we caught up with Sammy J to speak to him about inspirations, juice flavors and parenthood!

Hey there Sammy, the guy with the purple puppet friend! How is the humid atmosphere in Adelaide treating you at the moment?

Sammy: Delightfully. It either floods or burns each year, so I’ve come to expect the extremes!

What’s it like performing Potentially without your usual co-star Randy?

Sammy: It’s a lot lonelier, but then there’s the advantage of being able to control every beat of the show, and set the pace depending on how I feel, rather than Randy and I competing to fill every second of silence with more skinny man/purple puppet shenanigans.

Yourself and Heath have known each other for quite a long time now, do you see him as a brother more so than a friend?

Sammy: I don’t know who this Heath you mention is, but he sounds like a lowlife creep.

Sammy you seem to be very passionate at what you do, do you think leaving the law degree was one of the best decisions you’ve made in your life?

Sammy: Yes. Right next to watching Aladdin and learning the flute.

How does Shaun Micallef feel now that you’ve followed him with the ‘lawyer turned comedian trend?’

Sammy: I think he would be as frustrated as every other lawyer turned comedian, since I never actually became a lawyer, having dropped out halfway, yet he and countless others actually put the effort in and got their degrees …

You’re working on a television show with Randy; do you feel writing for screen is any different than say, writing the stand-up show Inheritance?

Sammy: It’s a little more daunting as you can’t fix the show the following night if something doesn’t work.

Tell us about ‘The 50 Year Show’, will it make an appearance this year?

Sammy: It will indeed – the second installment is due in October. This is my lifelong pet project that started in 2008 and finishes in 2058 when I’ll be 75 years old. It’s basically my way of ensuring I’ve always got a gig coming up.

The Adelaide Fringe has become quite well known nationally; what brings you back each year?

Sammy: Farmers Union Iced Coffee.

Whilst on tour, do you ever get spare time to enjoy the places that you’re in – Or are you always nestled up with Randy in hotel rooms?

Sammy: We enjoy a good nestle, but once the show is up and running I like to get out and about. This Fringe I’ve seen the zoo, Mount Lofty, the gallery, and the botanical gardens, so I’m doing well. To be fair, I was dumping bodies in each location, but they were still lovely to visit.

What is something you’re really proud of and why?

Sammy: The final song in my current show is performed in a complete blackout, which I’m quite proud of committing to, since it sort of goes against all the general laws of theatre and comedy.

What is it like being a father and has it changed your outlook on life?

Sammy: I don’t know if it’s changed my outlook but it’s certainly made me several thousand times more appreciative of everything that life contains.

One more before you leave us Sammy, what’s your favourite type of juice?

Sammy: In order: Tropical, Apple, Pineapple. After that you start getting into Orange or Guava territory, and that never ends well.

If you need a ‘pick-me-up’, or have not laughed to the point of crying in a long time; Sammy J’s Potentially is the show for you at the 2013 Adelaide Fringe! With tickets starting around the $26 mark for concession, it is worth absolutely every dollar!

Rating: 5/5 Stars
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Written by Tanysha Bolger