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A Bright Mind with Brilliant Ideas

At just nineteen years old, Emily Perry has designed and created a brilliant item for soon-to-be-mothers in hospital. Emily’s lovely nature is reflected into what she has created; a mums and bubs package for hospital. Being a birth partner for her Godsons mother a few months ago, she found herself frantically running around the shops buying kettles and forgetting nappies. Situations like the sudden realisation your friend is in hospital and they forgot to pack anything can cause a bit of panic. Where’s the shampoo, the nappies, the magazines, the refresher towels, the toothbrush and the toothpaste?

What Emily found was that it wasn’t just her friend that was frantically running around the shops, it was a lot of other soon-to-be-expecting parents too. So, Emily came up with the idea of creating a pre-packaged maternity bag, which includes everything an expecting mother would hope for, and take out some of the worry in the hospital.

Below, we have a quick chat to Emily about how she developed the bags and what she sees for the future.

Hi there Emily, how are you?

I’m very well thank you!

How long have you lived in South Australia?

I was born in SA, then moved to WA for four years as when I was a toddler, and then moved between Roxby Downs and Victor Harbor until I finally settled down in Victor Harbor for high school.

What is that you most enjoy about what you’re doing life right now?

Studying the Registered Nursing Bachelor degree and working as a personal care worker. I can flow all my loving energy into my career and enrich peoples lives.

How did you develop the idea of the maternity packs?

I was the birthing partner for my best friend, whose baby (my Godson) decided to come early! As she was rushed up to a city hospital, her partner and I rushed around the shops attempting to throw together a ‘nappy bag’ with all the essentials in such a rushed short space of time. As you can imagine, we doubled up on items, missed out on vital necessities and bought things completely irrelevant for the situation such as a kettle! Therefore I begun to realise how difficult it must be for others in the same circumstances and wondered how I could make things less stressful in the future; so that’s how ‘Emi’s Prepacked Maternity and Hospital Bags’ was born!

What can an expecting mother find inside a maternity pack?

My most popular item: ‘The Mums & Bubs Bag’ includes:

My most popular bag is the ‘Mum and Bubs Bag’ which starts at around $160. This bag includes:
Nappy bag, 10 nappies (Huggies), Baby wipes (Dymples), Surprise gift for Mum, Mini Shampoo (Sunsilk), Mini Conditioner (sun silk), Mini Deodorant (Rexona), Mini Shower Gel (Radox), Mini Moisturiser (Vaseline intensive care), Mini Hand Sanitiser (Dettol), Breast pads (rite aid), Maternity pads (stay-free), Disposable and biodegradable nappy bags, Baby Cotton buds, fluff balls, Toothpaste (Colgate), Toothbrush (Colgate), Mini mouthwash (Colgate), Mini mouth floss (Colgate), Heat bag, Lip Balm (palmer’s cocoa butter), Baby vestX2 (bonds), Baby sleepsuitX1 (Dymples), Mini baby powder (Johnsons), Mini baby lotion (Johnsons), Mini baby shampoo (Johnsons), Mini baby bath (Johnsons), Tissues X2 (Kleenex), Puzzle-book or notebook or magazine, Pen, Hair brush, Hair-bands, Face washer and a Body puff.

Where can we buy these products?

I use a Facebook page ‘Emi’s Prepacked Maternity and Hospital Bags’, I develop these products entirely from my household and ensure they are affordable and accessible for all, no matter their budget. I find working from home has benefited me in the sense that these are created by me, rather than being manufactured in bulk – it gives the bags a personal and loving touch, something that is so often missed in the shops.

How do you think it helps mothers who are in hospital?

It certainly takes (some of) the stress out of childbirth! The last thing you want while you’re giving birth is having a heart attack because you realised you didn’t pack anything!

What are some responses from people who have used your product?

I have had nothing but good reviews. Customers are very impressed with the value for money, as I attempt to make it as affordable as possible without reducing the quality of my products. I only use products that I know are tried and tested, or have used myself as I suffer with severe excema and very sensitive skin. Therefore I know I would use it on my children.

You seem to have a very keen intuition and sense of compassion for people, what do you hope to do in the future with these packages?

I hope these bags can be distributed into hospitals and gynocology offices so more expecting mothers can benefit from this product. My main wish for this product is that it reduces the stress of knowing what to pack when bubs decides it is time to arrive and that people can enjoy (as much as humanely possible) the beautiful experience of having a child. I am very proud of this idea and hope that it will be a huge help to future parents. These packs also make excellent presents for mothers to be.

In 70 words or less, please sum up what you do…

‘Emi’s Prepacked Maternity and Hospital Bags’ offers a thoughtful and affordable selection of pre-packaged desgined to take the time and effort out of deciding what to put into your hospital bag.

Additional Information

We can post around Australia and internationally, but fees include additional shipping costs. Methods of payment is bank deposit, bank cheque or cash on delivery if local.


You can view Emily’s Facebook page here

Written By Tanysha Bolger