Irvin Rivera | Featured Photographer

trappedA story about lovers, and unrequited love and the need to escape, this editorial story showcases two characters with opposing needs and wants in life.


One of my earliest shoots when I first started out. The background is an actual lush garden and is not a made-up set. I used a single speedlight flash on a softbox as my light source. This is from a story that depicts a fashionable woman doing some garden work.


This is lifted from our grunge editorial story for Chaos Magazine. This is one of the fastest shoots that I have done. Shot the whole set with 16 different looks in an hour.


This image is from our mermaid fashion editorial story for Bisous Magazine. My team created a fashion story that wants to highlight femininity, fragility and sex by using elements of fashion, water and flowing hair.


I wanted to create a classy, timeless black and white image of this sweet pageant girl during our test shoot. Me and my team decided to go a little bit crazy but we were happy at the end. I want the image to exude the aura of a boss, a babe and someone in control of things.


This image from an editorial story called The XX ended up as one controversial story because the model is holding a gun. I wanted to show the character’s dynamic persona as a strong yet fragile woman.