NEWS – Norwood Village Redevelopment Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Photograph: Anne Chappel
Photograph: Anne Chappel

A 140-150 year old tree that is located in the Norwood Village car park is set to be demolished.

The magnificent cork tree, which provides shade and aesthetics for the area is to be demolished as the result of a proposed 50 million dollar Coles re-development.

A few months ago the Burnside council had to remove a tree in the Burnside Village shopping centre, as the design of the redevelopment and the roof suffocated and killed the tree.

Although the 50 million dollar Norwood Village redevelopment is currently in its planning stages, the Norwood Residents Association has already started a petition to save the tree.

The emphasis from the Norwood Residents Association is to make the tree an integral part of the redevelopment, not demolish it; instead let it flourish outside where it should be.

The tree, believed to be planted between 1861 and 1880 is registered by the National Trust of Australia (No.34) on the Significant Tree Register.

For more information, please visit the “Saving the Norwood Cork Tree in Adelaide” Facebook page here.