ADELAIDE FRINGE – Simon Taylor returns for 2015

Personal Best

Melbourne comedian Simon Taylor is a regular at the Adelaide Fringe and in 2015 he won’t be one to disappoint. Returning in 2015 with his show “Personal Best”, Taylor will put on a show to delight Adelaidians in the land of the free settlers.

Writing for Mad As Hell with Shaun Micallef and hosting Live On Bowen was a step in the right direction, providing a platform to perform and utilise his skills as not only a stand up comedian but a writer as well. We caught up with Simon Taylor for a quick chat about the Fringe and all things Adelaide. 

You’re returning for The Adelaide Fringe in 2015, what brings you back to the land of the free settlers? It’s the Iced Coffee and fine dining restaurants right?

It’s so many things: the 24-hour pie shops, the fanciest accent in Australia, the spectacle of drunk lunatics on Hindley Street and of course the joy of performing to people who keep coming out to see me every year. I love those people.

Entitled “Personal Best” what can the audience expect from your show?

These are the best jokes I could come up with and I promise to perform them to the best of my ability on that given night. I’m not sure if this is an inspiring statement or just accepting that this is all I’m capable of.

What has been the defining moment of 2014 for you?

It was actually at the very start of the year when I was in the middle of nowhere in Cambodia. I was at a hostel and the owner found out I am a comedian, so she made me perform to everyone at the bar. They had no equipment so I had to stand on an esky and shout. It made me realise that all I need is makeshift stage and an attentive crowd, and I can make a room of strangers anywhere in the world laugh. It was my favourite gig ever. They were all pretty drunk though, so that helped.

Shaun Micallef holds some prestige in the land of Australian comedy, what was writing for Mad As Hell like?

It was an absolute privilege. Shaun and the other writers are the brightest and most brilliant comedy writers in the country. So I was trying to absorb as much as I could and contribute my own sensibilities to the show. My favourite part was when Shaun would use Gen Y slang and swear. He’s the coolest.

What do you think of the budget cuts to ABC and the SBS? Do you think it will impact on Australian comedy/drama in any way?

It sucks but creative people and journalists are used to having to function without much money. We’ll adapt and keep working away until people with the money come to their senses. I’m selling my organs, so let me know if you need a liver.

Where are some places you haven’t been to in SA but would like to check out?

I’d actually like to head down south towards more beaches. I never get much time during Fringe though, so I’ll come back in the off-season. Promise.

What do you enjoy most about performing and how does it help you grow and learn?

I enjoy the purity of connecting with fellow humans through the oral tradition of story telling and the glory of creating laughter. Oh and getting attention from attractive people – that’s nice too. 

What is it about comedy that gets you up in the morning?

Nothing. It allows me to sleep-in until the afternoon. It’s comedy that keeps me up at night and that’s what I love about it.

What are you most looking forward to about 2015 and why?

I’m looking forward to hosting more TV shows. Getting to be the host of the chat show Live on Bowen last year was amazing so if I can top that, I’ll be pretty happy.

In 2014 Simon became the host of Channel 31’s flagship show Live on Bowen. He has welcomed a string of celebrity guests including Claire Hooper, Michael Beverage and Shaun Micallef. The show has since played Australia wide and internationally on both community and digital channels. Online content of the show has also gone viral.

In the past Simon’s been known to have penned jokes for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno until its completion and then wrote for Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell on the ABC.

A return to Adelaide Fringe was inevitable for Simon, as stand­up is his first love. You can expect more of his hilarious travel stories and witty observations about the world. This show is his personal best.

Venue: Garden of Unearthly Delights -­ The Campanile
Dates: Feb 13 -­ March 1
Tickets: $28 Adult/ $26 Concession
Times: 7:00pm
Bookings: www.adelaidefringe.com.au